9/27: DemoFriday™: Cisco Demos Extensible Network Controller (XNC)

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Advances in IT, computing, and communications are forcing a rapid evolution of networking technologies and making new demands on IT departments. Customers are expecting the network to be more open, programmable and application-aware. Cisco Extensible Network Controller (XNC) address these requirements and emerging trends by providing much greater automation and orchestration of the network fabric, and by allowing dynamic configuration of networks and services that align to business requirements.

Cisco’s approach to having a centralized controller along with the local control plane provides a highly scalable, secure and resilient deployment model. It allows customers to reuse their existing investment in network infrastructure and still address the emerging business needs. Also, XNC conforms to SDN controller specification by supporting the industry-standard OpenFlow protocol in addition to Cisco onePK (one Platform Kit), which enables a heterogeneous, platform-independent approach to network programmability that includes both Cisco and third-party networking devices.

Cisco XNC and applications offer customers a low risk blue print approach to introduce SDN in their environment. Cisco XNC offers two applications addressing Big Data and Application-aware Networks:

Monitor Manager

With expanding Datacenter and increasing traffic volume, customers are looking to gain more visibility into the traffic in a cost effective and event-driven manner. Our first application on XNC called Monitor Manager enables traffic visibility for troubleshooting, analysis, reporting, archiving or other business reasons using a centralized policy driven approach..

Topology Independent Forwarding

Customers exploring the use of application aware network forwarding functions through a controller can use our Topology Independent Forwarding (TIF) module to establish communication between hosts dictated by the business needs. TIF extends beyond the traditional routing concepts and can create forwarding path end to end using metrics such as non-conventional metrics like bandwidth, currency (dollar cost) and any other custom properties.

Join Jothi Prakash Prabakaran (Product Manager), Archana Khetan (Sr. Director Strategy and Portfolio Marketing, Data Center Group), and Bhushan Kanekar (Distinguished Engineer) as they demo:

- Cisco XNC’s architecture and deployment models
- Northbound APIs available for integration with the controller
- Overview of applications available from Cisco in the current XNC release
- Demonstration of these applications

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