Watch: Cisco Extensible Network Controller (XNC) Demo Highlights Dynamic Network Configuration

SDNCentral SDN Networking DemoFriday™ featuring Cisco Extensible Network Controller (XNC)

Summary: As a key component of Cisco’s software-defined networking (SDN) offering, the Extensible Network Controller (XNC) provides greater automation and orchestration of the network fabric. In this DemoFriday™, Cisco engineers show how XNC gives IT managers a way to give applications direct control over the underlying network infrastructure. Watch the Cisco DemoFriday full presentation, or check out the teaser video, synopsis, and other resources below.

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Cisco XNC SDN Networking Demo Synopsis:

The Cisco XNC is a Java application that operates on any Linux-based x86 server, such as those in the Cisco Unified Computing System. Designed to provide greater automation and orchestration of the network fabric, the XNC enables dynamic configuration of networks and services. In this DemoFriday™, Cisco engineers show how XNC provides IT managers a way to give applications control over the underlying network infrastructure.

Cisco’s approach to having a centralized controller along with the local control plane is designed to provide a highly scalable, secure, and resilient deployment model. The XNC demo shows how it conforms to SDN controller specifications by supporting both OpenFlow protocol and Cisco onePK (one Platform Kit), which enables a heterogeneous, platform-independent approach to network programmability that includes both Cisco and third-party networking devices.

Cisco XNC offers two main applications: Monitor Manager, which enables traffic visibility for troubleshooting, analysis, reporting, archiving or other business reasons using a centralized policy driven approach; and Topology Independent Forwarding (TIF), a module to establish communication between hosts dictated by business needs.

Join Cisco Product Manager Jothi Prakash Prabakaran, Sr. Director Strategy and Portfolio Marketing, Data Center Group Archana Khetan, and Distinguished Engineer Bhushan Kanekar as they demo:

  • Cisco XNC’s architecture and deployment models
  • Northbound APIs available for integration with the controller
  • Overview of applications available from Cisco in the current XNC release
  • Demonstration of these applications

Watch the full DemoFriday™ presentation featuring Cisco XNC, or check out these additional resources:

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