Craig Matsumoto

Craig Matsumoto

Craig Matsumoto is managing editor at, responsible for the site's content and for covering news. He is a "veteran" of the SDN scene, having started covering it way back in 2010, and his background in technology journalism goes back to 1994. Craig is based in Silicon Valley.

Dell Strikes a Deal With Big Switch

dell big-switch-networks bare-metal sdn open-source

First it was Cumulus; now Dell has a deal to sell some of Big Switch’s software. It’s a blend of the revolutionary spirit of the startups tied to a big name that can provide services and support — and its own non-bare-metal switches, of course.

Juniper Warms Up to OpenDaylight

juniper sdn opendaylight opencontrail contrail neutron openstack

A proposal to link OpenContrail to OpenDaylight is Juniper’s first contribution to the SDN collective. It might be a sign that Juniper, after months of being a wallflower, is ready to jump in.