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Juniper Warms Up to OpenDaylight

juniper sdn opendaylight opencontrail contrail neutron openstack

A proposal to link OpenContrail to OpenDaylight is Juniper’s first contribution to the SDN collective. It might be a sign that Juniper, after months of being a wallflower, is ready to jump in.

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DemoFridays and Webinars

Exclusive Webinar Coming Up 4/11/14: SDNCentral and ONF Lay Groundwork for Developing OpenFlow Apps

OpenFlow application ONF Webinar

If you want to understand the basics of developing an OpenFlow app, be sure to join us for an exclusive webinar with ONF April 11. The webinar will be the first in a series of ONF educational initiatives on SDN deployment and application development. It features software architect Andrew Pearce as he shares his experiences designing and developing an OpenFlow app on the OpenDaylight controller.

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The Role of Abstractions in DevOps

SDNCentral DevOps Information, News, Resources

DevOps is about the expression of the system as source code. But networking does not have universal, vendor-agnostic descriptions for VLANs or even routes. Abstractions play a key role in providing a shared way to understand specific network behaviors and constructs.

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