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HP Claims Networking Gains and NFV Progress in Q3

HP Claims Networking Gains and NFV Progress in Q3

HP switch revenues climbed during the company’s third quarter, yielding what the company thinks will be a market-share gain as Cisco’s switching sales continue to fall. During HP’s third quarter, which ended July 31, HP Networking’s revenues were $672 million, up 4 percent compared with the same quarter a year ago. Cisco, by contrast, saw Read more >

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Mark Your Calendar: Cisco to Highlight APIC, Newly Released ACI

ACI Cisco DemoFriday

Mark your calendar for our next DemoFriday on August 15, when Cisco gives an end-to-end journey inside the Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI), its newly released architecture designed to provide software flexibility with the scalability of hardware performance. and demonstrates its Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC).

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SDN – Right Here, Right Now

SDN Nuage Networks Video Series Wrapup

SDN is emerging as a powerful framework to network the cloud. Read the follow up to the recently launched set of fun and interesting videos explaining the problems of todays move to the cloud by Nuage Networks in collaboration with SDNCentral.

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