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VMware’s NSX is a $100M Business


CEO Pat Gelsinger delivers more chipper news about NSX during VMware’s earnings. The signs of growth are nice, but no matter what Gelsinger thinks, Cisco and VMware aren’t exactly SDN buddies any more.

Juniper Sells Junos Pulse

What Should Juniper Cut? How About Junos Pulse?

Remember Neoteris? Or Funk Software? Those Juniper acquisitions got folded into Junos Pulse — which just got sold for less than those deals cost, as Juniper enters the final stages of Shaygan Kheradpir’s reorg.

Big Switch Promises Hyperscale SDN for the Masses

Big Switch Promises Hyperscale SDN for the Masses

Bare-metal SDN isn’t just for the 1%. Big Switch is launching its new flagship product, the Big Cloud Fabric, and is re-articulating its bare-metal SDN strategy. The theme now is that Google/Amazon-style SDN is now fit for the rest of us.

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